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Characters will be released soon, in the meantime, take a peek at our characters from 2017, you may see some of them again.....

A few of the characters you might meet along the way:

The Vogler Brothers

Two devious brothers bent on profiting off of others, the Vogler brothers have moved from settlement to settlement, making a small fortune off the hard work of others. They have recently “acquired” some land, inhabited by a native tribe. The brothers are trying to find a way to clear the land and set up more shady business practices.

After being given the boot from medical school due to unorthodox practices, Dr. Smith needed a new place to practice and experiment. Where better than the colonies? No one will question his methods or try to tame his madness.

Doctor Smith


This once medicine women was haunted by the burden of failing to cure the red spotted children of her tribe. Shifting to magic in the hopes of curing the children, she began to grow darker to the point that the children began to fear her. After being casted out, she roamed for years from village to village until one unique tribe made up of several different kinds took her in like family.  Shortly after making this tribe her home, they were killed in the dead of night.  Seeking revenge, she wanders the mountains to find the ones responsible for this great travesty.

Once living a life of excess, he lost the love of his life due to over indulgences. After losing his wife, he knew he had to find a way to escape the hell he had created for himself. Now clean from sinful acts after finding the teachings of the bible, Pastor Fickling travels to new settlements setting up houses of worship and teaching the word of God.

Pastor Fickling

Rose Langston

Not much is known of this woman as she has just recently appeared in the mountain settlement.  She claims to be a Dame School teacher from Salem. Most of the school children are terrified of her, but she has been seen smiling from time to time as she seems to be smitten with one of the Vogler brothers.

Victor and Monica Perry were born to wealthy, high-class families in England. Growing tired of the loud, lavish life style of the upper class, they set out on their journey to the Colony of North Carolina to begin a new, simpler life.

The Perrys

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